Ay, clean the house, how much work! Moreover, it is a never-ending task when you have everything clean and in place, do not spend five minutes that everything becomes a disaster. I will spend my whole life trying to uphold order. Monday bathrooms touch me. Well, I know it is not the best day to do the cumbersome job of cleaning in my view, but I leave that at the beginning of the week. Clean everything, shower, sink, toilet, flooring, ordered the drawers replacing towels, clean the mirror, put the pill in the toilet to be well hold the rest of the week and I get to do any other thing.

Keep your house clean


Tuesdays are the days of the association. What do I do? Ordered wardrobes, box of toys, kitchen closets, refrigerator, and put in place everything that is outside. How long does me? No more than 1 hour and then I shot a movie on the couch. I love this new form of organization!


Wednesdays are intended for cleaning surfaces. I remove all dust, mud and wash the floors I disinfect the table and washing the kitchen, clean the windows – that every 15 days – clean the microwave and more. As there are many areas that just have to be cleaning this week, as the kitchen counter that is increasingly dirty you cook, use it to wipe Wednesday those surfaces not clean at all times.


On Thursday it gets fun, because it is the day, aspire. I put my preferred music and take care of all the carpets vacuumed the house and are my best friend. Also, try vacuuming under beds or behind furniture. Do not take more than 1 hour and making it once a week, cannot believe how clean they keep everything.


Yes, friend, the weekend is all yours to do whatever you want. What do I do on Friday? Wear clothes, sheets, towels, all clean and, when the machine does its job, do a step around the house to order what is misplaced or iron clothes left me last week. Perhaps, especially if you have kids, you need to wash once once more in the week, but today is the day of bed linen and towels. These are my secrets to stay the house clean and are the tasks I have decided to do every day, but you can create your own routine cleaning according to your preferences and times. I hope you have served and good luck!