Have you set out to decorate your kitchen with wood? The kitchens decorated with this noble material are very beautiful as long as you choose the right type of wood. In this post we will offer you some guidelines so that you know how to choose the right color finish for each element of your kitchen whether in wood or in combination with other materials.

Keys for the decoration

This material will achieve a more traditional style in the room, although in some cases, if the furniture has a minimalist style. The result will be a more modern kitchen. What is more, in recent times, with the advent of Nordic trends? Vintage decor decorating a kitchen with wood can result in a most up-to-date space. Just be careful with colors, finishes, shapes and materials.

Wooden furniture in the kitchen

To choose the wood we must take into account some of its characteristics for example, its grain. If you plan to have an island, a table and the frames of wooden doors and windows you can choose to paint them white, to give it greater light and to have a more cheerful atmosphere. For that, you must choose a wood whose grain allows painting it.

Kitchen with wood Use of wood in the kitchen decoration

If you want to have a more natural kitchen, you can have everything made of wood although the idea is good you should think that the kitchen might look too dark. So this idea is ideal for kitchens that have large windows. For those who want to have more modern kitchens should not discard the amber tone woods, with simple design cupboards. This way you can get a more modern and simple design.

Wood can be your biggest enemy if you use it in excess, especially if they are in different shades of the same range (dark or light). If in the kitchen, you plan to put different pieces of furniture or decoration details in wood it is essential that everything has a unified tone, or else you play with contrasts very marked as a wood painted white with a wood in natural light tone. For example, if you want top tops and furniture to be made of wood, choose to paint the underside of a prominent color such as mint green, as you can see in the interior photograph.

Maintenance of a wood kitchen

If the furniture in your kitchen is solid wood, to clean it you must wipe a damp cloth with warm water. Detergents, solvents or abrasive products should never be used. After passing the cloth, it will be necessary to dry the wood to avoid deterioration. Pass a clean, dry chamois rubbing in a circular direction to prevent veining.