Your kitchen very much needs updating. So pay close attention to what we are going to tell you then! In addition, today we will talk to the new kitchens catalog of the leading European network of cuisines. Yes, we are referring to Schmidt, the French manufacturer that creates the best-customized solutions for over 50 years. Best of all is that we talked about original living kitchens that cater to the needs and desires of the client.

Aesthetics modernity and quality

The Schmidt kitchens combine aesthetics and modernity, adapting to all needs and desires of the client. Very simple creating a collection that provides complete freedom to modify the design and all functions. It is best that this is quality kitchens and stylish, so for sure just getting your dream kitchen.


Tailored to the millimeter

One of the great advantages of Schmidt kitchens is that it is designed furniture to the millimeter without any additional cost extra. This means that regardless of what are the characteristics of your room, you have total freedom to condition depending on your tastes and needs. The company guarantees an optimized organization, using every inch and avoiding voids. The result is as harmonious facilities.

Beyond the dimensions

However, do not think that the concept of “tailored” is only based on the dimensions. In addition, it is also responsible for the aesthetics, offering a wide range of colors and finishes; functional aspect of providing equipment for each consumer needs; and price, offering cuisines to suit every budget without sacrificing quality.

The help of designer-seller

Another major advantage of Schmidt is that you enlist the help of a designer-seller who will assess your needs, your desires and your budget, taking into account models, equipment, services, accessories, financing, monitoring and guarantees. Of course, the seller is also responsible for taking measures at home to prepare a detailed budget. Moreover to give you an idea of how wills your kitchen, the company offers a modeling 3D. After selecting, the kitchen of your dreams will not have to do anything else, since the seller is responsible for coordinating with technicians to meet the delivery date. In addition, that is not all!

After assembly, the seller will go through your house to start up the kitchen and, later, is concerned that everything is correct. In addition to guarantee a single contact from the studio to the commissioning of the kitchen respect the date of delivery, free 2 year warranty on appliances, free 5 year warranty on furniture; free 20 year guarantee on hinges and sliding free cleaning and commissioning service.

Respect for the environment

Finally, we discuss the respect has with the environment, giving priority to natural materials, using wood from sustainably managed and applying the rule of the three decrease, reuse and recycle forests. Here we leave our gallery, where you will find 40 models of kitchen that Schmidt offers us this year that has now begun.