There are lots of benefits to be enjoyed by choosing a steam shower in your bathroom. They’re great for your skin, help to solve problems with stress and tension and leave you feeling happy and energised.

Once you’ve decided that you simply have to have a steam shower at home you’ll have the job of finding the perfect one for your budget. To help make things easier we’ve gathered 6 of the top features that you’ll love to enjoy in your bathroom.

Touch Control Panel

Most of us now own a smartphone and we’re used to using touch screen technology. It’s a natural process to take control, choosing settings and selecting options with a quick touch of your finger. So why not make sure your steam shower cabin offers touch controls too?

You’ll be able to set the perfect shower and not have to worry about finding the right settings by fiddling with knobs or taps. You’re really in control of this feature.


Somewhere to Rest Your Weary legs

To really relax and unwind you need to take the weight off your legs. Therefore, your new steam shower needs to have a seat that will allow you to do just that.

There are different seating options to choose from, such as a solid red oak seat. Alternatively, you could choose to have a steam shower bath enclosure so you’re able to enjoy the benefits of steam lying down in your bath or standing up if you prefer.

Rain Shower Head

If you love rain and find the idea of showering in a tropical monsoon romantic and appealing you will definitely benefit from a monsoon rain shower addition. The waterfalls in a raindrop effect, delivering a gentle shower that cannot be beaten.

Water Softener

You might have hard water in your area, leading to problems with limescale build-up. If this is the case we recommend opting for a water softener that will descale your system for you.

You’ll save money and your water will feel so much softer on your skin. You’ll also benefit from having to use fewer products, making your expensive shampoos and other bathroom essentials last much longer.

Adjustable Body Jets

Not everyone has the same body shape or size so it makes perfect sense to choose a steam shower with adjustable body jets. You can find the perfect spots and alter the jets to help soothe your aching muscles. It’s a small touch that can make all the difference to every family member.

A Sound System

If you love to listen to music or your favorite audiobook while relaxing in the shower an in-built audio system is a must. You can find steam showers that work with MP3 players and play FM radio too.

You don’t have to worry about taking your expensive gadgets into the bathroom, just get in the shower, turn on your music and unwind in your little slice of heaven.