The order is one of the fundamental pillars on which the interior space is built. It is essential in any room that claims to be decorated since there is no beauty without order. So much that disorder and disorder are capable of ruining any decorative effect whatever. You may have installed tiles and supplies top-notch, and combine superlative luxury furniture and accessories to attain an exacting panel for kitchen. It will not help if after all is a mess and order is absent.

In this space, lived and maximized we spend many hours a day. Furthermore, if you are four or more family not to mention large families things get complicated. It is in these cases when the order has to take care to the greatest because you will need to run a myriad of things papers notes and others that cannot be lost and moreover have to be by hand without holding too a great deal lest fall into oblivion.

organizer panel for kitchen

If you feel identified, read on because today we bring you the answer to your problems of order in the kitchen we will teach you build yourself an organizer panel to hang on the wall and that will help you keep your kitchen tidy. It will take a blackboard to write downward what you want such as the shopping list.

What do you need?

  • Organizer panel materials
  • You see, the materials needed to make the panel are not many. You will need:
  • Chipboard with the measures you want to have the panel (it will be the basis thereof)
  • Wooden shelf about 15 cm. wide
  • Painting of black slate
  • Wooden pegs
  • Wood glue
  • Corkboard
  • Tacos and pitons to hang the panel on the wall
  • Glue Pen pencil stuck, Bosch (comfortably paste paper, cork, wood, metal, plastic, etc.).
  • Brush