Do you need ideas to decorate your children’s room without spending a bundle? Well here, we bring you a funny and very affordable craft able to put a green touch in any corner. A great paper cactus that not only does not prick but also you will start a smile.

How to make paper to decorate the children's room

It seems that the age of crafts is ending with the explosion of spring around us. It is that the DIY tasks are more appropriate for the winter when the cold and the rain leave us imprisoned at home. However, the crafter is crafter and that there is no sunny day to change it. Here you have some beautiful paper cacti to do systematically in any that you have free. You will like them so much, that you will not be able to say no.

We are in May and that shows. The days are getting longer and sunny and, the more and the less, is thrown into the street to enjoy the good weather and the surroundings. It’s the same whether you live in a town or in a city. The thing is to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

However, we must not renounce any of our passions. If in winter we spend the dead hours at home giving free rein to our DIY, now in spring and summer we can reserve some time to continue our hobby. What if we take advantage of the dead times we have to do some things? We can choose simple works that are made in percussion, like these cacti of paper that are a prime and that will serve you to decorate the room of the smallest of the house.

There is little time left for the school year to end. There are long days of sun, swimming and other entertainments with which children enjoy the beautiful. There are always times when they have to stay at home, sheltered from the high temperatures and the implacable sun.

Well, it is good to have some DIY ideas in the bedroom that you can put into practice together with the little ones. Like these paper cacti that meet all the requirements: easy, beautiful and entertaining. Your kids are going to have a bomb! I love cacti. I like them especially for how exotic they are, and because they are sturdy and strong like an oak tree. Because of my limited ability as a gardener, I usually decide to use strong non-delicate plants capable of withstanding my forgetfulness in irrigation and other care.

To make this beautiful cactus you need nothing more than small pots, thick paper or cardboard of the colors that you prefer a green marker and little more. Start by drawing a circle on the cardboard with a diameter similar to that of the pot. You can put inside the same newsprint to fill and that the circle does not move.