If there is an ornament that triumphs in the kitchen that is, undoubtedly, the tile. Excuse other accessories, tiles offer many advantages to decorative level, but are also a great choice for easy cleaning and upkeep. So if you are thinking of renovating style kitchen and still do not distinguish what materials to use, our advice is to bet on the tiles. Accessible in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors and trends, tiles open the doors to a world full of decorative possibilities.

Contemporary, versatile and easy to clean

For many different reasons, the tiles are a great choice. They are very easy to clean and maintain in good condition, plus decorative and versatile. Now, before you start decorating with tiles, there are some issues that you should consider. In here we give some important clues around the kitchen tiles. First of all, what do you mean by modern? In here we refer to contemporary and versatile designs, those who do not go out of fashion today. But mostly, tiles for the kitchen especially adapted to this type of environment.

Modern kitchen tiles

Already know what you want tile? Before choosing a design, you should consider the decor of your stay. The colors, furniture, textiles and other items that is present in your kitchen. You must find some balance in your decor, so make sure your tiles fit your stay and do not skimp on details. Look closely and notice your kitchen colors, prints, fabrics, furniture, materials, surface finish and any other details to help you choose your tiles.

And when you go shopping, find research and compare both prices and designs. Because the tiles are available in a wide variety of styles prints, contrasting colors very creative and maximum elegance designs. Flores, ethnic prints, sailor stripes, letters, finishes that imitate wood, psychedelic designs … you’ll be surprised!

Shiny surfaces that illuminate

Another advantage of decorating with tiles, besides its elegance and easy maintenance, is giving a very special glow to help brighten the room up. And this is very practical in small kitchens. And the bright and metallic surfaces are highly valued in environments such as the kitchen. Now, where can we buy the tiles? Feel free to visit shops giant low cost IKEA if you are looking for very affordable prices, plus news of Leroy Merlin or luxury.

Tricks to combine your tiles

And once you have your design, you know where to place your tiles? The answer to this question will depend on every kitchen. You do not have to cover every wall in your kitchen tiles, since this material is also commonly used as a supplement that combines perfectly with a painted wall or vinyl. Generally, the tiles are usually placed just flush our in-wall and in the area of the kitchen furniture. The reason is simple: the tiles are easy to clean. Therefore, in those parts of the kitchen get dirty very often recommended bet that they are easy to maintain surfaces.