Gray is a bit of a loser when it comes to interior color schemes perhaps because of its association with clouds and thunderstorms. However, these houses show that gray can be as bright, happy and attractive as any other option. It is a great choice for current homes a need for monochromatic palette and works as an enormous backdrop of colorful designs. Also best of all is the essence of the neutral that can grow with your interior, your tastes change over time. The designers featured here use gray in varied ways and each example is inspiring.

This apartment used dim tones in gray charcoal illuminated by a bright open and studded with polished brass fittings design. The roof is composed of strips of various woods and treated with high brightness to reproduce a generous amount of for a glistening effect. Taken together, the atmosphere is still relaxed room luxury.


A top view reveals the compact and well-organized design using blocks of gray for outlining each area depending on the function. Dark, grouped colors with dark colors make a sense of intimacy and closeness an imposing considering the scale and the opening of the provision. The volume of outgoing accent wall separates it from the rest of the space. The slender dining leverages the similar theme gray to gray as the seats.

A smooth white kitchen island made a spectacular silhouette against the accent wall texture. Black and grey describe the space, illuminated by a lamp of hoops complicated by Giovanni Barbate. The lamp stands out even more than highly minimalist shapes used in the rest of the space. Even the campaign and taps give foreigners. The island kitchen is soft and shiny overtones of Countertop model or structure to match the matte wall behind it. This bright and colorful apartment in Kiev offers a detailed white with grey interior and accents of brass, wood floors, as well as some real details now interpreted the trends with a strong sense of innovation and joy.

The relatively compact plant makes heavy use of lightweight furniture to maximize space, as Bertie and intelligent nesting tables wire almost transparent Chair. Chevrons wooden and a huge yellow rug give the combined lounge and dining room completely eccentric personality that attracts everybody. The walls offer a classic look in a very modern interior. A small floating console glass encased in chimney table probably uses a technology of fog lit realistic but safe and easy to use wherever.