Here we will you a special decor tips about sophistication neutral decoration. It is easy to generate a sophistication neutral color system. If you are looking depth and interest Probe paint the walls in a palette of warm neutrals such as oysters stone and sand as in the living room. If you add, decorative fabrics with textures such as silk and leather still gain more room diversity.

A modern, unified style

If you want a modern sophistication  contemporary style, add neutral furniture in sunglasses of white wash. Here, the polished concrete floor reflects light upwards and bounce in the room, which increases the feeling of spaciousness. The apartment also reflects the color of the roof, and thus unifies the room.

Modern sophistication neutral

Elegant finishes

To add warmth to a large space using natural resources such as wood furniture pillows and blankets soft cotton wool. You will see that different gray and variety of textures add layers of interest to this room, which proves that sophistication  neutral schemes do not need touches of bold colors. Nevertheless, if you have wanted to create contrast, a good trick is to try to add some black accessories for a truly elegant finish. Sophistication  neutral style is a good style.