This time we are in a very spacious room with 16 square meters and with ceiling with descent. The challenge will be to achieve a natural style bedroom in green and white. We will begin by painting the bedroom walls in green. In addition the built-in wardrobe of the area with lowered roof we will renew it. The doors of the wardrobe we lower them to paint of white and we are going to paper them with new wallpaper more modern cheerful and spring.

Natural style bedroom

On the other hand, let us create a beautiful headboard with wooden boards that will be the highlight of the decor. The woods will be painted white and then sanded. In this way, we will create a nice effect leaving part of the grain of the wood in sight and part painted white. To finish and give it a natural style, some pictures on the wall new bedding and a strip of led lights around the new headboard. We have a stay that we will turn into a natural style bedroom. You can see more photos of the before in this link.

Begin painting the walls of the room. In this case we will opt for a green color with gray touches. With a paintbrush we will paint the corners and the rest of the walls with roller. On the other hand we will change the look to the closet doors. To do this, we will release them and then we will sand the wood. The next step will be to apply a coat of primer or sealant. Then paint it white frames and then we will decorate the center of the doors with wallpaper.

For the seating area, we will create a large wooden headboard. As it will be 1.70 meters high, we will cut different wooden boards to achieve pieces that believe that size. Instead of sanding and then painting this time, we will do it the other way around. First, we will paint white and then sand. In this way, we will achieve a different decorative effect for the tables.

To join all the boards and create the headboard we will attach different wooden slats to the back. In this way, we will create a perfect piece for the wall. To dress the windows, we will place some vertical lamas. First, we will fix the rail in the ceiling and then we will hook the slats. Finally, we will decorate this natural style bedroom in green and white by placing some pictures on the wall a strip of led lights on the headboard new bedding and other accessories that will give the room its own personality.