A new coat of paint in delicate mint makes the perfect foundation for the style. Serve with white sheets and pillows with designs from flora and fauna. Accessories in blue and turquoise in our image, the vase and the ceiling make the look perfect. The basis therefore is a stone blue wall, in combination with textiles in various blues and grays. This simple color palette brings peace into the room and creates a platform for visual highlights as our accessories with graphic designs.


Want to turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat, bright, lilac walls and fabrics in white, cream and pastel shades are the best choice. Accessories made from natural materials such as wool, wood and wicker make the look perfect. Pretty to oriental elements as a decorated screen, that serves as glamorous headboard.

Those who have no storage room in his apartment know all too well this problem. In addition, if even the space for cabinets is then just create custom solutions Remedy as this nifty corner cupboard around the front door. Corner shelves and cabinets, which can be combined flexibly, are available in various heights and widths in stores. To get the most storage space, but it is worthwhile to make the cabinets customize by a carpenter to measure then individual wishes can realize how the number of shelves or hooks.

Recesses in the doors allow quick passage gripping without opening the cabinet. Take advantage of the height of the room. A board on the door can accommodate storage boxes. Here are things you do not so often needs well accommodate such as scarves and winter shoes in summer or sandals during the cold season. The sloping design of the cabinets makes the entrance act freely and openly. This is supported by a bright color scheme dark tones would the hallway visually shrink.