It is very difficult to imagine your home “just” as an overwhelming edifice, constructed with cement and bricks—as, merely a place where you come back every night after a hectic day at work. The quintessential “four walls” are witness to all your unaccomplished dreams, conjectures, beliefs and hopes. Think of all the times when you would actually snuggle up under your blanket and weep after a heart break. Who stood witness to your tears? Think of the times when you had unwittingly harbored jealousies for that beautiful eye-candy in your college. Your home is the place where you stay. Your home is the place where you dream. Your home is the place which guards the darkest of your secrets. It is much more about legal agreement papers, conveyancing 24-7 services and contractors. It is the keeper of your dreams, values, sensibilities and emotions. So, you better “pamper” it to the best of your ability. And, all this pampering starts right with the way you decorate it.


Today, we will be discussing a few tips which will help you decorate your home with frames. The picture frames are the perfect tools to bolster the “individuality” of homes in a major way. Using frames of variant shapes, sizes and styles can spruce up just about any kind of room out there! Read on to find out more in this regard.

Tips to spruce up your homes with picture frames

Before putting up the picture frames on the walls, make sure you are examining your home carefully. Determine the areas of your home where you would like the picture frames to be put up. The stairs, for instance, are a popular choice in this regard. You might as well want to choose special corners for “vacation” pictures, “moods”, “accomplishments” etc. Make sure, whatever you are doing you are not cluttering up your personal space.

Picture frame collages: Framing every “mood” of happiness

The picture frame collage remains one of the favorites of home makers today. These frames can comply with any type of home out there—contemporary or traditional! Each of these frames is rectangular or square in shape and varies in sizes. The premade picture frames come in variant shades of black and each of this piece fits as a puzzle. The quintessential jet black frames go very well with white walls!

Different shelves for differently sized frames

Consider dedicating different shelves of your homes for differently themed photos. You are not necessarily required to put up frames on your walls in that case. You can create an aesthetically appealing pattern by putting the larger frames on the top shelf, the medium sized frames in the middle shelf and the smallest of the frames in the lowermost shelves.

Refrigerator frames: Innovation at its best

Visit the local craft store in order to find magnet strips and put up interesting snaps on your refrigerator. You essentially are not required to stick to the old ways of putting up magnets on the refrigerator.