We do not want to envy, but our article today is dedicated to some of the majority luxurious homes in the world. Works fine glassware, baroque-inspired details, sumptuous furnishings that transport us to other historical eras, vintage pieces and beautiful artisan ship for some environments that breathe classic luxury.

Pictures of Luxury Homes

In contrast to these environments, find homes with a additional modern, edgy, bold and innovative luxury. Because luxury knows no bounds and dares with all kinds of trends and styles in both environments romantic version, as decorations rustic-inspired, Mediterranean air, Nordic, minimalist designs you’ll fall in love!

Buckingham Palace

Valued at 1.5000 billion Buckingham Palace can boast of being the most expensive and luxurious living world. With 775 rooms in total, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms and superbly situated in the finest area of London, this stunning castle is owned by the British state, in addition to a preferred visits by tourists, which must conform to admire its beauty from the outside.

Suppose you want a house with a luxury rather classic style, what are required elements? In this case, bet on the upholstery, furniture vintage style, pieces of glass and chandeliers, mirrors and wood reliefs and dark colors. Another interesting detail is that the luxurious classic style rooms also rely on the elegance of neutral colors such as brown, beige, pearl gray and flashes of gold-toned surfaces and glossy finishes.