All those who live in small apartments know how important it is a square meter. Even gaining a few inches in certain corners of the house can become a milestone. If this is your case, look at the kitchens hidden in lockers we teach you today. They can be the solution to your space problems. When space is scarce furnishing a house can be a feat and get everything and nothing is missing, a triumph.

Popular Models of kitchen

Well, there are always imaginative ways to combat the consequences of confined spaces. The hidden kitchens cabinets are proof of this. They are great especially when your house does not have an exempt kitchen. That is, if you have one attached to the lounge kitchen yet the space is very small the hidden kitchens cabinets can help a lot. They are a way of having a kitchen ready and fully equipped without steal a lot of room for other things. In addition, when not in use it is hidden behind the closet doors and ready!

This kitchen is not only practical but also very decorative. It does not occupy any site that is installed in a cupboard in one wall of the room. It occupies a whole front and is built in wood painted white which gives it a very simple and yet elegant appearance. Inside, it has two large storage shelves and a large work area. It is perfect for those rooms that have to share space with the kitchen. When the doors close, it goes completely unnoticed. With a popular somewhat camper style this is one of the most functional kitchens hidden in cabinets we have seen. And not only that but also very decorative.

It is a compact piece of oak wood. However, when you open the doors you see a complete kitchen of the most modern. He leads granite countertop sink and induction hob microwave and refrigerator. Each space is maximized for crockery and kitchen accessories as well as food and products. If you like contemporary environments and also do not have much room to kitchen and put it in your living room, here you have an alternative that is sure to convince you. It is almost two meters long and in that space includes everything you need to cook: sink with faucet plate microwave, work area and storage. And best of all you close the closet and nobody has to know that behind the doors there hides a full kitchen.

It is called Circular Kitchen and is as practice. A round kitchen thanks to its intelligent design is able to take advantage of every centimeter. So you get everything you need to cook in the day to day without sacrificing space barely. In addition to occupy very little this kitchen can be installed almost anywhere and is very convenient for its circular design. It has plenty of storage and lacks nothing: has refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, hob, microwave oven, even hood.

If a contemporary sideboard was treated, this furniture shows a pure and very simple design. It is completely white on the outside and the doors do not carry handles to accentuate the clean design. When the top cover folding rises and the doors are opened reveals an interior of a vibrant green pistachio plus a sink and cooking plate. In one of the modules is housed a refrigerator of negligible dimensions to belong to the category of kitchens hidden in cabinets.