Simple scheme which looks completely correct way to choose a rug to place in your home. You see, the Greens are the right proposals while you see that red are not good at all. When choosing a carpet make sure it is bigger than what you are going to put on it. A carpet, be too small or tight ridiculous and barely be seen. Apply this idea or norm, almost all types of carpets. Obviously, there are designs that require lesser carpets. However, ordinary form, you can opt for these tips and you will see the change.

interior decoration

Play with the backs of chairs

If your chairs or some of them have a nice hold up include them in decoration, you expels in view of everyone. You can restore or optimize them, applying some paint. You can even put different types of chairs around the table. This will give a touch eclectic what do you think?

Different types of chair legs

The legs of chairs or tables can be very decorative. Another idea, to decorate, is used for normal or common trim legs. In places, you will trims different shapes, sizes and colors that enliven the decor of your home.

Have you thought of some kind of pattern?

What material are your walls or floors? Remember you have plenty of patterns to choose to decorate the floors and walls of your home. The materials are very diverse, but here we leave a small scheme with some attractive designs. You can use them to decorate wood bricks. Look at the structure and indications of this scheme to have a fully functional, beautiful, decorative and comfortable bed. This is an idea of what you can do with just a bed. If you choose a couch design type or place yourself a set of drawers underneath you will get more for a place to store all sorts of things.