In areas with cold winters, frost pipes can cause a sudden emergency. The freezing water expands and cracks the pipes when thaw lose water through cracks in a crisis of this kind the following tips should be applied: Avoid beforehand that the pipes freezing together. The best defense is isolation. It covers the pipes in the attic or garage with foam insulation easy to install. Before winter arrives collects hoses from outside and closes the valves of outdoor faucets. It acts as a wave of extreme cold occurs.

protect pipes

Open the cabinets located under sinks and bathrooms, as warmer air of the house will keep the pipes containing freezing together. Open a little taps to allow dripping water to flow and not blocked by freezing. Do not overreact if pipes freeze. First, close the master cock of the house and open a nearby faucet to the frozen area to relieve pressure in the ice water. If you suspect that, the hot water pipes have also been frozen turn off the heater to prevent an explosion.

Put hot water bottles or check air with the hair dryer on the frozen pipe and start at the end nearest the tap. Do not employ the hair dryer in areas of standing water. You will know that the pipe begins to thaw when the open water dripping faucet. Once restored supply pipe check for cracks or leaks. If you do not solve it call a plumber. Do not overreact if the pipes burst. Close stopcocks whole house and if you cannot control in the event the water flow open cold water taps for help the system if empty. It is very important not to open hot water taps and you must turn off all heating systems. Call as soon as possible to a qualified plumber.

To avoid shocks when it refers to the system of plumbing in our homes, we must pay attention to this and take a series of measures. Leaky faucets, damp closets, toilets that move or refrigerators that lose water point to problems requiring immediate attention repairs immediately. The leaky faucet is not only annoying, but also moisture wearing accessories sink and can contribute to the formation of mold. Get rid of the problems keeping the house clean and dry. If a blowout occurs, do you know disrupt the flow of water? Make sure it knows where the master cocks water.