The crisis sharpens the wit. For example, would you like brand new kitchen, but without having to make a large investment? In this site have the answer to this question with fabulous thoughts that will help you show off your kitchen if budget is limited. With several coats of paint, second hand and second-hand furnishings get reforming the kitchen a much easier and cheaper than you get picture how.


Paint the walls yourself

If your idea is to provide a new method to your kitchen decor or replace the furniture or appliances obsolete, here are some tips to save money! The primary step and one of the most important when we make reforms is painting. The kitchen walls accumulate sufficient dirt, which spoils our decor. So a few coats of paint will help you make a difference between before and after. Painting is a task that you can do yourself with the help of a friend or relation, and so you save labor. You just have to buy the paints and materials.

In fact, you can borrow rollers and paintbrushes to save this money. To avoid wasting, be sure to calculate how much paint you require for your kitchen walls. What you have to do is multiply the width by the height of your room. In addition, at this distance from floor to ceiling in square meters will have to subtract the parts that are not going to paint, like windows and furniture.

However, do not forget to think the layers of paint that you would give your kitchen. When you have these measurements, you can consult your trusted home improvement store. Before painting, do not forget to cover with newspaper and masking tape all those parts of your kitchen you do not want to mess. In addition, remember to read the instructions given by the manufacturer on the package and respect drying times.

Restores furniture

Then it was time to check out the furniture. A door in poor condition can be restored with appropriate materials and so you will save money from having to buy a new one. With repair putty, you can repair all those imperfect and damage, while with a good coat of varnish you get to your door look like new. Remember to keep well your products to be kept in perfect condition for future restoration work.

Furniture and Appliances Resale

Is there a solution? A good thought to save some money is buying furniture or appliances used. Take advantage of the offers, discounts, promotions, and discounts that we provide many businesses and shops for your furniture and kitchen appliances you go cheaper. Find out well in the purchasing conditions and compare prices at different stores so that your purchases are profitable. In addition, do not forget that on the Internet you can also find real bargains and offers, provided you know where to look. In here, we recommend Furniture BOOM, a physical and online store where you can buy all kinds of furnishings low cost.

Crafts and recycling

Crafts and recycling are another great idea to reform our kitchen without spending much money. Not to get out of the budget, look for house looking for items you can reuse. For example, you can sew kitchen scraps to become an original and very cheap tablecloth for the table or in dishcloths. Although you can also use glass jars and bottles to make them attractive elegant vases or candle holder.