The appearance of rust in the bathrooms is a common problem in many households. Sinks, faucets, and bathtubs are among the items most affected by these undesirable spots.

If you have appeared in your bathtub or shower and do not know how to get rid of them we bring the solution. In this article, you will learn how to remove rust from the tub with a home simple and inexpensive remedy.

Notes and leave your tub free of rust. To end the oxide bath in your house quickly and cheaply we recommend using white vinegar or lemon juice. The properties of both products and acidity help easily remove stains oxide.


Sprinkle a splash of vinegar or lemon juice directly onto the stain. If the oxidized zone occupies a large area of the bathtub, we recommend a dry cloth soaked with one of the two products and rub the stain from the tub with him.

When you have the bathtub, area soaked with vinegar or lemon juice let the product stand and that their properties do effects. When you see that stain has disappeared slightly it will be the sign that the remedy is working. Then rinse the bathtub with lots of freshwaters and passes a cloth to remove dirt oxide.

If you see that the stain is very difficult to remove, we recommend repeating the above steps and reapply citric acid to the rebellious stain finally to disappear.

If neither vinegar nor juice provides solutions because the oxide is too embedded in the bathtub, we recommend pouring a splash of bleach on the stain. Then let the product sit for about twelve hours before removal.

Once the required time has passed rinse, the tub with plenty of cold water and rub well with a dry cloth to get the rusty stain area finally disappears.