We will see a simple option to renovate the toilet without doing works. In addition to placing a new floor, we will cover the walls. In the next program of, we will see a very simple work to achieve a more current and renewed toilet. In addition, it will not be necessary to do works.

Renovate the toilet

We will start by laying a new laminate floor with a polished cement effect. In the case of walls, we will do the same. We will cover the walls with PVC decorative tiles and plates. In the case of the built-in closet, we will use an adhesive vinyl to change the front of the doors. We will complete the new toilet decoration with a new bidet a new washbasin cabinet and different elements and accessories that will bring modernity to the room.

Let’s start renovating this toilet by placing a new floor. So that the boards do not match, we will cut some to a third and we will join them little by little. In the case of the corners, frames and other elements that we find, it is best to adapt the tiles. To do this, we will mark the remaining area and then with the cut the tiles.

The next step will be to coat the walls with pvc slabs or tiles. The first thing to do is to place the profiles. We will have to adapt the profiles to the length of the area to be coated. To attach the profiles to the wall we will use mounting adhesive and double-sided tape. When placing them on the wall we will press well to keep them well fixed.

As the roof we have is inclined, the plates that we are going to place in the wall we will have to adapt. To do this, we will take the measurements and then cut each piece. For areas where we find pipes or plugs, we can use a crown saw to make those cuts in a round shape. To finish coating the walls, we have to put the profile in all the corners. This way the finish will be perfect.

The next step will be to give new air to the doors of the built-in closet. To do this, we will use self- adhesive vinyl with beautiful prints. Fixing them will be very simple: we start at a corner and with a rag, we are putting pressure and fixing the rest. In the case of the corners, we will make small cuts to obtain a good finish. The goal is to cover the whole piece as if we were a book. We will also place new shooters.

Finish decorating the toilet by placing a new washbasin cabinet, a new bidet and different accessories and decoration elements. In this simple way, we will have renovated the toilet without doing works.