Mallow flowers are small miracles, smell wonderful and have high season in summer. Therefore, it is time for some wonderful decorating ideas.

Different glass bottles

  • Bands
  • Wire
  • Mallows
  • Scissors
  • Diagonal Cutter
  • Secateurs

decorating ideas with mallows

  1. bottles decorate use ribbons.
  2. Cut the wire on desired hanging length wrap several times and around the bottle neck.
  3. Fill bottles with water and hanging at dissimilar heights in the branches of a tree.
  4. The individual flowers cut to fit and assemble the bottles.

The need for the tablet:

  • Computer and laser printer laser tattoo paper consisting of tattoo paper and adhesive paper on cardboard
  • Disconnect the Adhesive paper from the board and piece by piece on the printed tattoo paper stick. Take care that no air bubbles a towel can help with smoothing.
  • The desired motif cut.
  • Disconnect the “Adhesive Paper” (transparent film) it remains an glue layer on the motive.
  • The design now sticking to the tablet possibly with the dishcloth press firmly
  • With a wet sponge moisten the paper until it can be detached easily.
  • Remove the paper and let it dry.
  • If necessary, Tattoo edges somewhat over spray with light blue spray paint.
  • Protect motif surface with water resistant transparent clear coat spray against shock and water damage.
  • Info: This tattoo paper is suitable for laser printers. If necessary have it printed in the copy shop. There is also tattoo paper for inkjet printers. This then processed according to manufacturer’s commands.

That you need for the lantern:

  • Clean the stems of the flowers of excess green.
  • summon flowers to a bouquet, thereby creating the stems spirally.
  • Shorten bouquet with pruning clippers on vases length.
  • cut ends of the stems at an angle for better water absorbency with the knife.
  • bouquet loosely put in the water-filled vase and put in a light wind.