The things we do ourselves are those that have extra value. They put our mind our talent and spend the time necessary to make truly sole and irreplaceable designs. Therefore, in this description we want to share with you some excellent tips to customize furniture whether new or old. We hope that our tips will be benefited for you. With painted paper we can give a new method to the furniture in look for of truly unique pieces.

We just have to choose the design that we like and be clear about where and how we are going to place. We can cover the furniture completely or generate original composition. If we want to give a dissimilar touch to a drawer, a great idea can be pasted vinyl only in drawers. Print flowers, stripes, and polka dots the decorative possibilities are many and varied.

Simple ideas like to customize furniture

The great benefit of using vinyl is that we can easily paste without using any special adhesive. However, while it may seem vinyl paste easy it should take into account some details. To start, we must get ready the surface before gluing vinyl. In addition, of course must be measured before cutting furniture vinyl. Once we have made sure that the surface is dry and clean, we can proceed to place the vinyl carefully and away from any source of heat that can damage this material.

A good trick to paste the vinyl as straight as possible involves placing a masking tape to serve as reference, though we also paint marks with a pen. Then we have to take off gradually with silicone paper and go placing the paper on the surface. If pressed with a rag or a spatula, avoid wrinkles and bubbles.

Wallpaper and paint

Another option to customize furniture is to use wallpaper. The process is similar to the previous case; the only difference is that we need a special adhesive for placing this paper. In fact, instead of wallpaper or decorative we have loads of other possibilities such as newspaper, magazines, wrapping paper or even posters.

To personalize and give a dissimilar style to our furniture we may also use paint. A layer of paint another color is an interesting solution to renew the decor. In addition, if you want to protect your design, do not forget to apply a coat of varnish. With these materials, we can customize our furniture, whether the master bedroom, children’s room, dining room, study area or receiver.

We can even decorate photo frames, the bottom of a cabinet, display lamps mirrors and countless more ideas. But is not the end all because in addition to all these materials from the east we get an interesting suggestion. It is a big resource to decorate some furniture and home accessory with a different and fun touch. Best of all is that it is a craft very easy to make. We just have to clean and dry the surface thoroughly before applying the tape.