They are useful and decorative and to bring the design to this part of the house used to sit in them to enjoy a good breakfast or a nice family reunion. They will normally associate with the placement of islands or bars as they are perfect for height to be conveniently located around these areas. Different types materials and designs build this article get suit any decor.

Choosing a kitchen stool

We started with some tips to choose the stool go in the kitchen. First, you have to look out at altitude. To prevent more uncomfortable for some than for others there are adjustable stools so that each person can adjust the height depending on their own. If everyone in your family can choose high are high also and fixed stools.



The style of the stool must be commensurate with the rest of the kitchen. It is important that is integrated as a decorative constituent to give it that extra touch of personality that give INS in the interior. For example if you have a Nordic cuisine will be assured achievement wooden stools if you have a look more industry no shortage of metal if rustic may also be darker wood or iron if modern can place them in a color that contrasts very much alive and give much joy.

How many stools we use

The amounts of stools that will go a certain place on a space you have available how big is the bar or the island and also of many members belong to your family and go to use them daily. At least one for each and is always good to have one if you have saved for a visit would not be appropriate to leave them standing.

Keeping stools

The kitchen is a place where you eat where cooking, no odor fall stains moisture, and oil. So, you better bet on stools that are cleaned with ease avoiding very luxurious fabrics velvet or materials that could be damaged without solution

Comfortable decorative and functional

Do not forget that besides being very decorative if you opt for original designs to be functional because they serve to sit and eat should be comfortable so that elapses agreeably long as we do on the island or on the kitchen counter. These elements are higher than a normal table so you have to consider when you go to buy a stool that has enough legroom and sit arrives at all well in a at ease position until your plate. It is necessary for the comfort that the stool has a footrest because that support legs and posture is more natural. If you have backup also much better if subject under the back by the dorsal and lumbar and be very comfortable.

The forms

The seat shape also affects comfort there are grounds that are comfortable and fit well with our body, others straight, folding, with cushions, upholstery, with back, backless, even with arms. If not supported are comfortable so that they can save under the bar and take up less space. Formerly, nobles and kings sat on thrones and comfortable and cuddly places while the vassals should do it on a stool. Today, we can all enjoy this element in our kitchen convenient to take advantage of a bar or an island and which also filled the room design. We made ​​a small selection of different styles of stools installed on different models of kitchens as you will see they are perfectly integrated in the decoration and bring a lot of personality.