Before starting any work or service delivery, you must be very clear about what I need and want to do. By being informed you can eliminate the part of those budgets that include extras and optional that you will not really need and that on the other hand will increase the final product, with the added delays that may entail.

 Forecast of time

If you want to do a remodeling in the pool, or simply a start-up and a review of the facilities, do not leave it until the sun rises or is hot. The rush is not good for anything and despite the fact that the professional tries to give the best service in the shortest possible time, always in high season there is agglomeration of work that will cause delays in its start-up and in the enjoyment of your pool. If specific materials, motors, stone, etc. are required. It is better to have a forecast that it really exists in storage so as not to get scared of uncomfortable delays. In the case of an installation with rescue personnel, a hiring with time will allow the meticulous and meticulous selection of the human resources department of the company, and will be able to carry out a better job when interviewing more candidates, who will make that there is no Problem in their pool.

Responsible and Legal Company

A certificate of being up to date in Social Security and Finance , as they can make you responsible for debts that occur during the provision of the service or the completion of the repair or reform. Pelican Bay Pools  provides pool maintenance for those who don’t have time to keep on top of their own pools or do not have pool experience when their equipment breaks down. Pelican Bay Pools specializes in pool pump repairs and replacement, pool cleaning and acid washes, pool lighting and automation, and much more. If you would like to know brief information about good pool service, you could visit

Civil liability insurance

All professionals and serious companies have liability insurance to cover possible damages to the property of customers or their neighbors in case of any negligence or accident during the time they work for you. Be wary of those who do not have insurance or look for excuses not to show it to you, in case of accident or damage to third parties you may end up being the one who pays for the broken dishes.

Compliance with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks

Many times when hiring a service company we become promoters of the activity and this carries important responsibilities. Compliance with the law on prevention of occupational hazards is fundamental, and we can demand it from the companies that provide the service. From a technician, a commercial, to the lifeguard himself must have a training provided by a company that specializes in prevention.

The company belongs to the Associations of the Pool Sector

The specialized professionals and solvent companies that carry out an activity in a specific sector belong to the Associations or the Employer of the sector, since they provide them with information, courses, and negotiations of collective agreements and are interlocutors before the public administration, even benefiting them in best prices and products.

Recommendations and references

Trust pools it is easy that a company of the sector and with experience of many years, has good recommendations of clients, or even similar works, that we can visit or consult, similar to the ones that pretend to do in your swimming pool.

Study other alternatives and budgets

You must compare budgets, but do not just stay in the price. See the qualities, the breakdown of the services and materials, the professional treatment and the image of the company that gives you the offer. Budgets should be as detailed as possible and always in writing. Do not hesitate to ask for written explanations.

 Sign a written budget

Customer commitment the budget is the contract that will link us with the supplier in the business relationship, will mark the type of service or repair, the form of payment, the price, the qualities, the deadlines, etc. It is fundamental to have a written copy signed by both parties. It is unpleasant to come to a dispute but it will be what really makes the difference in order to demand a quality service and responsibilities.

Customer communication

It is essential that as a customer you worry about the service you are being provided, you will be able to control first-hand who is actually hired. You will be able to see your behavior in front of the work, the means that you have the attention that the company gives you by the different means of communication.

Comply with the stipulated payments in the budget

The payment must not be made without proof of payment as an invoice, and always according to the budget signed by both parties. You must not pay the entire amount in advance, except in materials to measure or under request that you must reserve a part for after delivery and installation.

You can agree to pay it in installments as work or supplies are done, leaving a small part until the end of the installation. Remember that to be able to demand the guarantees of a product must have paid the amount budgeted.

 Quality Assurance

The work done must have its legal guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect. But you should also look for a professional that gives you stability, does not disappear from one year to another, or change your business name to avoid responsibilities with customers.