How do you imagine the kitchen of the future Packed with technology? It is very likely true. Since there are few companies that invest money in R & D in order to make life easier. Cooking is a pleasure for many, but not everyone is willing to make determined efforts when it comes to preparing recipes.

Hence, the key is to invent a series of products that make work easier. In this article, I will discuss a number of gadgets that have left anonymous. They intend to sneak into the kitchens of extra than half the world for being extremely functional. Would you like to know? Read on!


It is a big invention because you can heat water in any container. No need to do it is in the typical pot that you always use a valid or microwavable glass. Because the rod you can see in the video shown below takes care of everything.

What advantage does also you save water because you spend only what you need? No, you are forced to do calculations by eye because you are warming up in the container that you use for it.

In addition, if that were not enough, you can do the same with tea, with coffee or soup. Here you can see the video you have posted their creators to show how it works and how beneficial it can be for people and the environment.

If you cannot live without beer, you will probably be interested to know the functioning of Pico Brew Somatic, a machine that handles create it automatically.

Just choose from more than 100 types of beer to have yours without leaving home without having to go down to the supermarket. It allows you to share your magic recipe with others, rate other recipes and test 23 of the best 25 recipes according to the magazine Zymurgy, specializing in the field.

It is to cook a big way. Do not worry concerning the lack of time or skill, because Serengeti Kitchen worries about any important detail. It is a food processor that works for you and that is capable of adding ingredients alone.

You can see in the video lines shown below. Now it is not for sale, but you are invited to follow them through social media to be informed about any developments. Sure receives hundreds of requests in the coming weeks. This new machine is a specialist delicious smoothie we all want to forget to take in the summer heat.

In just 30 seconds you are able to prepare the most irresistible and healthy smoothie you have had in your life. The machine in question is intelligent and cleaned automatically. So far, it has not yet started the presale of it.


It is another pileup designed not to have to be anxious concerning the kitchen over the account. It is responsible for preparing food at the perfect temperature and notifies you when you are ready for the next step.

In addition, but not least, maintains the ideal temperature of the dish preparing until you are ready to eat ideal for families in which the mother is tired of calling their children to go away the computer and sit at the table.