A child room decoration should be very special since it will be the place where grow small member of the family. Let’s look at some tips to decorate a children room warm and inviting.

A well decorated room

When we talk about decorating children’s bedrooms, the color of the room is one of the first concerns. Traditionally, attributed the pink room for girls and blue for boys, however, there are other colors that you can use. We refer for example to color parma, peach or gray.

The only condition is that of choosing the colors to softer shades as too vivid colors can be aggressive for the eyes of children. On the other hand, the trend is played in greener tones, in order to protect children from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals present in ordinary paints. You can also add some fancy touches using stickers.

One of the important elements of the decoration of bedrooms is the choice of the flooring. Hardwood flooring such as birch wood floors would be the best option for your child’s bedroom.

The most common material used to dress the smallest soil is wood, since it is a healthy and easy to maintain material. In any case, many parents choose for the carpet, much more comfortable, but not always so practical.

On the other hand, if you choose this type of coating, it is essential to choose good quality carpets, treated with anti-mite products, so do not appear risks of allergy.

The furniture in the room

Now that you have a well precise idea about how to decorate the children’s bedroom, is not more than choose different accessories that will furnish the room.

As for the furniture, it is advised to purchase furniture standard for children, especially if you don’t think to change them every year. On the other hand, you can also divide the room, establishing a place for play and the other for sleeping.

Whether it’s a newborn, should not be overloading the room, simply put a chest of drawers to store your clothes, a table for changing diapers, and an armchair to cherish it and give the breast, as well as the cradle.

A child room decoration should take into account the lighting. This is very important, since otherwise it can become source of discomfort for the child. On the other hand, at bedtime, the boy you need a softer light, however to play and change diapers, a more intense light is needed. To do this, you have two possibilities, well opt for a rheostat intensity, either place different points of light throughout the whole of the room.