Today we will talk about one of the most significant areas of the home and yet, one of the most neglected. We are referring to the hall, which serves as a kind of letter from the rest of your home.

In addition, you already know what they say, right? First impressions are everything! Besides serving as a prelude to what will be in the rest of the house, the hall is the space bouncing us every day to leave home and get us every time we arrived.

Therefore, it is significant that we decorate with the importance it deserves. No matter how small or little light it is, there are always solutions for the result is that of a cozy and convenient location. Today here tell you some tricks to beautify the hall. Would you like to join us?

Tips for decorating the hall


How about if we talking about the colors, of course, the option of tones that will be part of the various elements of the hall is one of the keys to success in the decoration of this room.

Being spaces that are usually small and not very bright, what we recommend is that you opt for light colors for walls, as they will help expand the space and increase clarity. Of course, you can choose many more colors than white beige, cream; stone.

The important thing is that you achieve the tone chosen correct harmonic transition area related. A good trick if you have a low ceiling paint is a lighter than the wall color. You can add splashes of colors flashy with ornamental details.


As for furniture, ideally your hall count with few but practical and decorative pieces. What matters is that space is clear so you can enter your home comfortably.

Ideally, the step width is about 90 inches. Therefore, if you go to decanters by placing a piece of furniture in this area of the house, it is important that measures the fund fit the dimensions of the place. In addition, you should note that items must be in the right and forward, as it is there where our eyes to get anywhere will.

Parts practices

The idea is to choose practical pieces, particularly if you have a home where m absent. Among the most useful elements found the umbrella stands, empty-pockets, coat racks, consoles, dressers, cobblers, and mirrors.

This last piece is not only super practical to look at us before leaving home, but results from the most functional when visually expand the space and add brightness to the place.

If you have enough space, is also a good idea to place a seat because it will give the receiver a decorative touch as attractive. Besides a bench, a chair or a chair will be the most useful for Arte comfortably.


One of the keys to your receiver proves a place of the most practical and cozy is that it has adequate lighting. In this regard, it is important to note that this space often gets little natural light.

Therefore, a good trick is to choose doors with windows that allow the entry of light from adjacent rooms. Of course, you should pay special attention to artificial light, choosing from desk lamps, floor lamps up through wall sconces.

What is essential is to provide a nice soft indirect light. A good trick is to choose sensors, which will help you save on your electricity bill.


Finally, it is important that there is continuity between the hall and other rooms. You can get through the soil, colors, or ornamental style.