Having a house, beyond, which is owned or rented, is to have a place to retreat, away from it all or do the conflicting, to surround and share with the people we love the most when we sense well. Our identity and personal stamp typically permeate every corner of the house why, what to do to get a healthy home is very important to live happily.

Do not overdo the cleaning

Studies seem to prove that we are much less exposed to the bacteria, we turn out to be more prone to contracting the diseases they transmit, since it does not allow the body’s defense system naturally be immunized so clean but without exaggeration.

healthy home

Try to circulate fresh air

Ventilate your home daily, lets in air and sun to avoid moisture. If you have a window in the bathroom do the same, otherwise every time vintages the rest of the house, keep in mind to keep the bathroom door open to let the air there too.

Do not allow smoking inside your house

Not only as a matter of avoiding becoming inert smoking but because the smoke is impregnated throughout polluting and damaging moreover, the smell it leaves cigarette smoke in the rooms is very unpleasant.

Reduce the use of chemicals

There are many economics and natural alternatives that you can use when cleaning your home if you want your house smell good choose to use for example, essential oil, but try not to use sprays or artificial air fresheners that endanger your health. Similarly, when redecorating or painting your house, you had improved get free paint odor and toxic substances. Search sustainable papers or coatings and are as natural as possible.

Avoid raising dust

The best way to attain this is by wiping with a damp cloth floors instead of sweeping vacuuming or cleaning with a mop or wet mop can. Thoroughly clean your home alone from time to time, by that we mean moving furniture, cleaning switches, light bulbs on top of the cupboards, fan blades and other objects and sites that do not clean regularly. While it is not good to be an obsessive, cleaning is necessary to attain the correct balance to live in a house where you have the minimum risk of disease.