Decorating a bedroom may seem an easy and fun task. However, we should consider some tricks for outstanding decoration. If you need help getting the most out of this room, in this post we will explain some important clues. Listing our suggestions and ideas to decorate one of the most significant rooms in the house: the bedroom our most intimate corner for rest.

Textiles and comfort

Since the quality of the materials to the colors and decorative style, our bedroom must meet a number of important requirements if we are to achieve a stimulating decor and favors rest. The bedroom is one of the most special places in the house, so we should work with the decor. In this sense, we must not lose sight of bedroom textiles are a very important part of our decor as a matter of convenience. Do not you think that sleep really well, sheltered by a coat of soft, cozy bed and with that irresistible aroma of cleanliness and freshness?

decorating bedrooms


Even before bedding, define well the chromatic proposal that we will use in the bedroom. As before, we remind you that warm colors bring light and breadth to our stays, while dark tones and very ornate patterns are recommended in large bedrooms. Try to find an aesthetic balance in your bedroom, whether we speak of chromatic proposed as if we refer to the furniture and accessories. So pick one main color to be the star of your decor and other secondary hues to total your decor.

You already know how you will distribute these colors on the walls, on your floor, ceiling, furniture, accessories. So at this point, we must take into account the decorative style you want to use, as well as furniture and accessories. With the help of appropriate accessories you can define the style of your bedroom, ie, romantic, vintage, rustic, baroque, English, Mediterranean, sailor, minimalist, Arabic, Hindu, Norse.


Following this line, another very important aspect to consider is the light. Correctly illuminate your bedroom is essential to achieve more welcoming, intimate and comfortable environments so during the day to take advantage of anything better to use light and semitransparent textiles sunlight and correctly oriented furniture and large windows.

When the sun is dismissed, the secret of good lighting is in properly distributing the points of light lamps table, floor, ceiling, candles for a more personal touch and many other resources for a glowing bedroom. A tip to hit with your enlightenment is that you use bulbs that emit warm light, such as yellow. This way, you get a great deal more welcoming and less obtrusive lighting.