Renew the decoration of the home is necessary. A change from time to time helps us to feel more comfortable in our home. In addition, not only in the spaces that opens to everybody as the living room or hall. In addition, the closest corners of the house sometimes need a makeover. Today we bring you some ideas to decorate the bedroom walls. Great works and great financial investment are needed to get a new and enriching give air to a room.

We have already learned that with few changes but well designed can achieve important things. That is precisely what we want to show you this time how simple, it can be to redecorate a bedroom just adorning the walls. You can use large paintings to make an original bed headboard or seek an inspirational phrase that you like to read each morning to wake up and put it on the wall.


In fact, while you teach to do vintage frames with Chalk Paint with your favorite legends. Alternatively, you can put the letters directly on the wall as in the picture to decorate walls. Another idea is you decorate with stickers. There is something for everyone. In any case so you do not miss the paycheck to renew the bedroom we offer some DIY ideas that you can make yourself easily and with little expense.

A panel of flakes fun

Here is a way to decorate original bedrooms, which seems to me very funny making a panel with fish scales. We have seen in Let’s Go Sunning. You need not just material but a plywood table as they prefer it is good idea to use a slightly narrower than the width of your bed to use as a headboard white cardboard, or something round compass to draw circles scissors glue gun and gold spray paint. You have to cut cardboard circles sufficient to fill the entire plywood. It is annoying, but very simple.

If you are like me and you’re a fan of geometric designs, you’ll love this idea reminiscent of origami to put a modern and original touch in the bedroom: make a headboard panel with triangles of paper. It is cutting paper triangles of different colors some metal too and paste them into a base to create a unique composition different and personal.