If an electrical problem crops up, make sure to get in touch with reliable electrical contractors. Friendly, licenced and experienced electricians advertise many services via the net like:-

  • Data and phone cabling
  • Repairs to appliances, gas and electric
  • Electrical servicing
  • Out of warranty repairs

Let reputable electrical contractors Perth carry out electrical repairs and servicing no matter how large or small the job is.


Check out the following tips when hiring an electrician:-

  1. Don’t settle for the first electrician. Do a little research regarding services offered and costs.
  1. Don’t pay over the odds. Choose quality above all else and of course experience in the job.
  1. Take into account electricians’ travel charges. These are sometimes easier to compare than hourly rates. Some companies charge flat trip expenses while others charge a high rate for the first hour of work.
  1. To save money, try and wait until there are a few electrical repair jobs that need to be done. Everything can be taken care of all in one visit.
  1. Install money-saving electrical gadgets. By changing over to fluorescent light bulbs energy consumption can be dramatically reduced. Motion detector switches on outdoor lighting can also help to save cash and add security to homes. Landscape lighting will make a property more appealing while adding to the property’s value.
  1. Be prepared before an electrician calls. Make a concise list of things needed to be serviced or repaired. Know where the electrical panel box is and remove any items where the electrician will be working.

Expect a job well done when making contact with electrical contractors who take great pride in all they do.

A friendly and professional service

Electricians offer a friendly and professional service whether it’s changing a light switch, installing a new electrical wiring system or repairing a gas stove. Homeowners and businesses have left positive testimonials regarding the services provided by reliable electrical contractors Perth, such as:-

  1. “a friendly and professional service”
  2. “highly recommend electrical contractors in Perth”
  3. “will use the company again”
  4. “least expensive quote”
  5. “love the email billing service and SMS notifications”

All electrical repairs and servicing are safe, trustworthy and carried out by fully trained electricians. Data and phone cabling adheres with the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/CA S009) which ensures safety to cablers, the network and consumers. A twelve month guarantee is also given on installations, repairs to appliances and electrical services.

Interesting blogs and frequently asked questions

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  • Steam ovens
  • Built in coffee machines
  • Clothes dryers

There are also frequently asked questions sections covering are companies licenced, is work covered by warranty, what information is there about smoke alarms, how are payments made? These and many other topics are all answered clearly for everyone to see.