Alternatively, is it that our budget is increasingly limited and can not afford such a large and spacious home as some of us would like. However, let us see the positive side the additional space at home, more to clean! The only problem is that we also have less room to decorate. If you need some good ideas to maximize living space, do not miss the advice that we offer below. Decorate and have fun, while saving space.

The shape of your stay

The first lesson to be taken into account to gain space in the living room is the way it has our stay. Rectangular, square, symmetric, with corners untapped you must assess very well this detail because this way get leverage every corner of your living room, decorating and placing furniture and accessories in the right place. Besides choosing the right furniture for your space, remember to also place them in the right place. That is, the distribution is crucial to save space in the lounge.

living room

Suitable furniture

Another pending in small room’s topic is furniture that we use to decorate. What kind of furniture you want? Our advice is to opt for ergonomic and convertible furniture, with which you can save space without sacrificing order. Do not forget to take measurements of the available space in your living room and transfer these measurements to the furniture you want to buy, be sure to choose correctly.

A good idea to save space in the living room can be ordered custom furniture to suit our needs. The decorative possibilities are many and various. Since stairs become a practical drawers, to a hollow chair in which to store books or magazines, a sofa bed if we receive visits a folding table, modular furniture, convertible chairs tables that hide inside and more, many more designs.

Creativity at its purest

Decorative solutions for organizing your home and keep your space in order. Creativity at the service of decoration with great dreams like a mirror becomes ironing board, a picture that hides inside a practical jewelry store, a sofa at the same time is a coffee table or even a table center surprises us with an incredible pool table. All these designs can be customized consulting with experts in decoration and asking stockiest. In addition, although the price of this furniture can be a little high, there is no doubt that these designs are a great investment. However, is not the end all, because creativity applied to the design also surprises us with clever blinds that become clotheslines, and even hidden in ceiling drawers to store our high secrets?

The importance of colors and prints

To decorate and put aside space in the living room is also not recommended to recharge our room with too many items. The fewer things you have at home, better! So choose the right furniture for each area of ​​the house and which are needed. The colors and patterns will also help you save space creating the desired visual effect. Do you know why? Because warm colors bring light, while the discrete patterns favor the tranquil and spacious surroundings.