Are you tired of forever bitten by mosquitoes? There are people who suffer the majority from these insect bites because of the stink coming from his body a little imperceptible to our sense of smell but obvious for mosquitoes. However, you need not resign and accept this situation as there are some tricks to avoid mosquito bites that can hold them off and get well, be protected against attacks. Here In these objects we will find out you some of the best tricks out there do you dare to try.

mosquito bite relief


Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and fluorine ie, the dark blue tones black or too bright garments as yellow or fuchsia. So to repel mosquitoes and you do not get bitten one of the most excellent trick there is to clothing in light-colored clothes like beige, white, blue sky and so on. These colors do not stimulate the bug and get it go unnoticed.

If you live in a tropical country or going to camp outdoors in the summer, it is very important that you cover your skin with clothing so well the animal cannot bite you. It is best to opt for clothing that is light and new but tape anywhere on your skin that can be attacked by this insect. So, it is best to view with pants or long skirt, with long-sleeved shirts and let the braces for another time. This, above all, is recommended for people who want to hike, to go camping or who plan to spend all day outside. In this article, we tell you how to avoid mosquito bites.

You should also know that mosquitoes are attracted to sweat and eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin during exercise. For this reason, if you have sweated abundantly or have practiced sport, it is best that you know a shower and so you eliminate any trace of sweat that can grab the attention of these insects. Another trick so you do not bite the mosquito s is to equip your home with preventive measures to keep away the insects.

Besides all this, there are also natural products to ward off mosquitoes that due to the smell they give off, get repel them. Among them, two stand out Citronella: the smell coming from this plant is one of the most effective to repel mosquitoes in fact many repellents are prepared from this plant. To take advantage of these reimbursement you can apply oil directly to your skin or if you prefer, you can also have one of these plants in your balcony or garden to scare away these insects.

What it is more recommended to install nets or mesh on the windows and allow air to enter your home and aerate but these so annoying insects creep. It is also a good option to place a mosquito net in your bed so you can sleep without any invasion. It is also advisable that your skills home to an electrical device designed to discourage these animals. Off a hardly noticeable to the human ear but for the hum of these insects, so before you know it’ll be fully protected.