In the first quarter of the year they recorded 27,539, 15.9% less than in the same quarter previous year (32,762), according to the Balance of Crime of the Ministry of Interior. However, nobody allow your guard down since in a few weeks the end is opened. In the summer months they tend to add to theft and looting in homes. The alien lovers take the chance to rob apartments and villas while their owners are not there during the holiday period. We must make it hard and not forever worth to use common sense. Reinforcing doors, windows, and put an alarm system help although some systems are not cheap.

Tips to avoid trouble at home

Top technology for access

One of the weaknesses is the door. The solutions have become so sophisticated that gradually gaining ground through the opening card, fingerprint or numeric passwords. Home automation market doors that allow facial recognition program or opening from wherever in the world using a marketed Smartphone also incorporate a fingerprint reader Allows opening to 200 people, which prevents the closest relatives have to keep requestor keys indicate the company Ruiz Lopez.

If the decision is between a shielded or armored door better the second. “The wood is shielded with a thin metal sheet in the center. However, the armored is entirely metal including leaf and frame and is lined with wood. At the time of purchase it is significant that the client requests the Aynor certificate to verify that the door leading to the tests and the one manufactured and sold is the same something that has not always happened he said in armored doors Kiosk.

Locks without weaknesses

In addition, much, cylinders, locking points, fence, frame. Something as small as a lock can avoid many disappointments. There are plenty of solutions to avoid the huge list of methods of intrusion. The most ordinary is the slip that is the use of a credit card or radiography to operate the latch and open the door.

It is estimated that over 90% of the locks installed in homes could be opened with this method. A circumstance that has led in some European countries including some insurers will not provide coverage for homes stolen by this technique citing the lack of violence or breakage of the elements of access and not considered as theft and theft.

How to fight the drill or lever

Another way to trespass on someone else’s house is drilling cylinder. Once the pins have been disabled, the door opened with a simple screwdriver. To avoid this, should have a cylinder having anti-drill protection. The new locks have become so sophisticated that they are thieves complicates the task. Some have an impossible latch triggered by a card and have independent lock each closure point so that if you break one gets the rest remain intact.

Auto Lock

More innovative is motorize the door. Simply change the cylinder without wiring or replace the existing one. This is a motorized cylinder closing the door she locks automatically so that we will never have to worry about lock the door any longer as well as allowing open the door with a smartphone fingerprint.