It sounds Utopian, but seeing the images one is clear that there is nothing not likely in this life. Even in the world of decoration, where a big fan of tropical fish can always keep them in sight while cooking by simply placing a tank just below the counter top. More than one will think that is perfect to have fresh lobster walking coldness, but I personally prefer to think of the other, which is imagine these poor creatures cut in semi and makes my skin crawl.

aquarium built

Luxury and sustainability

The head of this invention so spectacular is the Dutch designer Robert Olenek, a man who has specialized in sustainability focused luxury and occasionally surprises us with creations like this. It is called Ocean Kerulen and is an island more than one would like to have in the kitchen. Do not think that there is no space for storage space because there is another just that is hidden in the aquarium mirrors to give the feeling of being larger than it actually.

Everything under control

Another thing you might ask is. How you enter the aquarium? Is there any way to take food to the fish and renew the water with family member ease? Olenek not leaves any detail to the imagination and minus one as significant as this. Therefore, it is possible to access the top of the aquarium by pressing a button that causes the counter to rise, as you can see in the first image that illustrates this article he finished his description saying it is a counter customization. When it comes to luxury, crop always gives customers choice, so this case is no exemption.