We give you simple tricks using salt to help you conserve fresh eggs or make food not stick in a frying pan. The salt in its different versions fine salt coarse salt iodine marine has always been present in every household. Its usefulness goes beyond the improvement of the flavor of the dishes. So here, we leave simple tricks to have on hand to use with salt.

Salt to unclog the pipes

Thick salt to preserve fresh eggs

If we have too many fresh eggs and are at risk of being lost, keep them in a container and cover them with fat salt.

Salt to recover an anti-adherent skillet

If a skillet, sticks because it has lost the anti-adherent add salt to the pan and put it in the fire until the salt is toasted. Once toasted, remove the salt with kitchen paper and you can use it without the food sticking.

Salt to remove the fish smell from the frying pans

To remove the fishy smell from the frying pans, after washing them, we must sprinkle with salt and pour hot water. Let them rest for a while and then proceed to rinse with soap and water.

Cleaning the glass of

Toothpaste stains to remove the whitish deposit of toothpaste that usually forms pour a spoonful of salt into the glass and fill it with very hot water, stir until completely dissolved in the salt. Leave on for a few minutes. Then dry the glass with a soft cloth.

Salt to unclog the pipes

Dissolve some baking soda and salt in hot water. Pour the mixture down the drain let it act for about half an hour.

Salt to remove rust spots on clothing

To remove rust stains on clothing rub lemon juice with salt let it act for a few minutes. Wash normally. We hope all these tricks serve you in the home. That if you remember that salt in large quantities is harmful, that is why low salt meals are recommended for a healthy and balanced diet.