Think this, you are at work, on vacation or wherever also that you are house and the water pipe in your kitchen explosions or the valve under the sink fails and begins to lose anywhere which makes it be able to do? You get home and discover their closets hardwood floors and carpet damaged not to mention what happens to your plaster panel when it gets wet. The water damage is the second complained of insurance according to the insurance in sequence institute by eliminating expensive and repair will meet with thousands of dollars and do not forget the time to fix everything. This guide will show you how we can alter this by adding sensors instead of the loss in key places in your home.

Where to install

There are many possible points of damage to each home sinks, tubs, showers, dishwasher, washing machine, hot water and bathrooms.

Water warning leak detection system

Receive alerts when there is a loss

To get an instant notification of a water leak in your phone a pair of sensors army with a Hub loss and get instant alerts when the loss occurs. We lately received an email from a client Charles that provides an outstanding example of how the water leakage sensor saved it more than $3,000 and really made dissimilarity to their family.

Prevention of water loss

Charles is in many ways a typical client of Smarthome owner of a house, with the other half and the children 4300-square-foot House in New Jersey.

Prevent disaster before it could happen

The best protection comes from a home that can act alone and stop a leak as it happens. To do this, take the loss of sensors Instead and connected to an IO control module valve of the entire house. Stop water regular solution. How to configure a system to intercept mechanically when there is a loss. While it is possible that you have to hire a plumber to install a whole-house close it could now save several hundred dollars up to $10,000 in damages. Every home needs a leakage sensor. Change the odds in your favor and create defensive your home.